“Very very solid app!! Works better than apps I have that come with name brand security cams. . Just a rock solid app!”


“Working perfectly I recently spent 85 bucks on a wi-fi camera and this app works so much better. The picture is way sharper the video loads 5x as fast if not faster and worked as stated from the first start..Great app!”


“Security made simple This video surveillance app is user-friendly and easy for any beginner. Simply the best surveillance app to help you with video surveillance and setup.”


“Very fantastic tool and working nicely. Congrats to the team. It is the number one best product in the Google Play. Best wishes Zuricate.”


“Awesome, catch my neighbour stealing from garage”


“I downloaded this as a puppy cam to check on our new pup. It’s simple and easy to use. I use an old cell phone as the camera source. It works for what I need.”


“So far it’s a fantastic app and works better than many others I have tried. As long as it remains free to use, it’s got to be #1 in my eyes.”

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